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About Us:

The 671 Guam Recipes Project is committed to the documentation, preservation and perpetuation of the islandculture and family traditions that have existed in the Mariana Islands for thousands of years. The Project's team of administrators and staff leverages technology to sustain a global network of members whose dynamic exchanges contribute to the sharing, teaching, improving and archiving of traditional island recipes.

Our collective efforts will help ensure that the generations of today and tomorrow will have access to this integral part of our island heritage. Whether it be through internet and multi-media or printed publications such as the 671 Recipes Cookbooks, the 671 Guam Recipes Organization will continue PASSING IT FORWARD FOR OUR CHILDREN ~ IRENSIA (Our Heritage).

The "671 Recipes" organization was started on July 16, 2011. Current members of the 671 Recipes Staff include:

  • Guam Recipes: Founder and Creator, California
  • Dennis Santo Tomas: Mentor/Advisor, Guam
  • Judy Fernandez Dillinger: Administrator, Washington Sate
  • Rose N Vince Camacho: Administrator, Tennessee
  • Michelle Dulay Zybura: Administrator, California
  • Helene K. Guzman + (R.I.P.): Staff, Callfornia
  • Darlene Acfalle Emerson: Staff, Louisiana
  • Taotao Inalahan: Staff, Colorado
  • Florence Pangelinan: Staff, California
  • Eric Quitugua: Webmaster, Texas